Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery Insurance Information

At David H. Gilbert DDS, MS, MBA Inc. we are committed to providing you with the finest surgical care and the most convenient financial options. To accomplish this goal, we work hand in hand with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. If you have any problems or questions, please ask our staff. They are well informed and up-to-date. They can be reached by phone at Inland Institute - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Phone Number 909-982-8888. Please call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your initial visit. Please bring your insurance information with you to the consultation so that we can expedite insurance reimbursement, where applicable.

What You Should Know About Your Insurance and Your Visit

Points To Consider

  • The Total fee is your responsibility.
  • Information we received from insurance companies can frequently be inaccurate and not updated in real-time. As such, estimates may not reflect accurate insurance benefits.
  • We urge you to personally contact your insurance.
  • Your final balance is determined after your insurance has been paid. The balance is your responsibility.

Insurance and Your Bill

Insurance is a method of reimbursing the patient for fees paid to the doctor and not a substitute for payment.

Insurance reimbursements vary from one plan or one company to another. Reimbursement may be based on a percentage of the total fee or a fixed allowance or both. In addition, you are responsible for your specific deductible amount, co-insurance or any balance not paid by your insurance.

As a courtesy to our patients, we request information from the insurance company to estimate how much will be reimbursed. This is only an estimate. We have not found insurance companies to be reliable nor accurate with these estimates. We assist with the submission of all insurance forms. We ask that you complete the information requesting your personal information and we can help you with the rest of it.

The insurance company determines how much they will pay. It may take 4 -8 weeks before reimbursement is received on your behalf. If the insurance pays less than estimated, you will have a balance. Any balances are the responsibility of the patient. On occasion, the insurance may pay more than was estimated and you will receive a refund.

We send statements at 30 days and 60 days requesting payment of your outstanding balance. If we have not received payment in full, we send another courtesy letter requesting a response in 7 days. Your prompt payment and communication with us is a great way to avoid collection efforts that may affect your credit. In certain circumstances, special arrangements can be made with our office manager.

You will be responsible for all collection costs, service charges, attorney fees, and court fees.

You can keep costs down by paying at each visit and avoiding very uncomfortable situations later on.

You should understand that your insurance may pay less than or more than is estimated and that you will be responsible to promptly pay your outstanding balance.

We wished that insurance companies paid the whole bill and patients actually benefited fully from their insurance.

Insurance Policies

Your Dental and Medical Insurance is a contract between your employer and an insurance company. The goal of most insurance policies is to provide basic care for specific services. The benefits you receive and the services covered depend on the terms of the contract negotiated by your employer and the insurance company.

Please realize that our office has no control over nor influence on the professional services that are covered. All insurance policies have limitations. It is your responsibility to understand these limitations. We will do our best to help you maximize the benefits available to you.

As a courtesy to our patients, we allow 60 days for your insurance to pay the claims we submit. If your insurance company does not pay your claim within 60 days, we will expect you to pay the balance on your account.

If you are confused about the extent of your coverage, speaking directly to your insurance company may be the most effective way of clarifying your benefits. Insurance companies are always more eager to respond to the patient, whose employer pays premiums to them than they are to the provider of service. We understand that insurance can be confusing. Please ask a member of our staff if you have further questions.

Understanding your Statement

View a sample explanation of benefits