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10 Winter Skin Tips That Last a Lifetime

10-Winter-Skin-TipsLet’s face it: dull, dry winter skin makes you look older. Just think back to summer when your skin was tan (fake, hopefully), taut, and glowing. Even in milder climates, winter skin is simply not the same as its moist, vibrant summer counterpart!

If you wake up in the winter feeling parched, you are not imagining it. Winter air is cooler, and cannot hold as much water as warm summer air. That combined with the use of a furnace create dry conditions that are not only uncomfortable for skin, but that also contribute to fine lines and a dull, scaly look.

All of these tips give skin instant relief and, at the same time, provide for healthier, younger looking skin down the road. Many of the signs of aging are due to a lack of care early on in life. Take care of your skin, and it will take care of you.

  1. Humidifiers: Increase the humidity in your room while you sleep with a warm or cool mist humidifier. Just be sure to follow the instructions for cleaning and sanitizing your humidifier exactly to avoid mold and bacteria problems.
  2. Hydrating Scrubs: A mixture of honey and sugar makes an easy DIY body scrub that is designed to hydrate, reduce inflammation and increase circulation.
  3. Lactic Acid Products: A powerful exfoliant, great for scaly winter skin and an excellent moisturizer at the same time, look for lactic acid washes, lotions and bath additives to bring back your glow.
  4. Oil and Lotion: Use an oil cleanser all over your body in the shower, and then slather on moisturizer after rinsing and gently towel drying.   The lotion will help keep the oil residue close to your skin.
  5. Shower Quickly: One of the worst things you can do for dry skin is to take a long, hot shower. This habit strips your skin of much needed moisture.
  6. Be Gentle: Use fine particle exfoliators and sensitive skin formulas in the winter.
  7. Sleep in Moisture: Slather lotion on very thickly (so that it is still visible) and then sleep in gloves and socks.
  8. Overnight Masks: There are a variety of overnight masks that can help with increasing moisture in the skin while you sleep!
  9. Body Care: It’s not just your face that is suffering from dry air, your neck, the backs of your hands and even your knees and elbows are common sites of obvious aging, so take extra care with them too.
  10. Sunblock: Yes, you must wear sunblock year-round, including during winter months.

If you are looking to take the next step toward a younger look, ask us about our cosmetic services!

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