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Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Inland Institute - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Office Phone Number 909-982-8888.

Who are we:

The Mount Baldy Study Club is comprised of distinguished multi-disciplinary practioners with a common philosophy – A committment to clinical excellence.


Achieving excellence together.

Our Mission:

To diligently strive to elevate the level of dentistry and health care in our community while growing as a collective multidisciplinary team, and achieving excellence through continuing education.

Study Club Information

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Seattle Study Club

Click here to visit the Seattle Study Club.


Elevating Excellence

The Mt. Baldy Study Club Mission To diligently strive to elevate the level of dentistry and health care in our community while growing as a collective multi-disciplinary team, and achieving excellence through continuing education.

Membership in The Mt. Baldy Study Club

Members of the Mt. Baldy Study Club are a distinguished group of multi-disciplinary dental and health-care practitioners with a common philosophy  – a commitment to clinical excellence. They are recognized for their pursuit of greater knowledge, commitment to continuing education, the highest standards of clinical practice, and a dedication to extraordinary personal service. General dentists and specialty dental practitioner’s who demonstrate these criteria and practice in the Foothill communities that lay within the shadow of Mt. Baldy Peak may be invited to join the Club.


Achieving Excellence Together

Mt. Baldy Study Club members benefit from inter-disciplinary collaboration as they work together to refine and pursue comprehensive clinical excellence. And each day, members’ patients benefit in their clinical outcomes and experience from the knowledge and experience gained through their practitioners affiliation with the Club.

The members explore the very latest protocols, science and technology shaping the practice of dentistry today. Cutting-edge continuing education opportunities are a dynamic part of The Mt. Baldy Study Club. The education programs are accredited by the Dental Board of California and the American Academy of General Dentistry. Guest lecturers often include international researchers, scientists, clinicians and management experts who lead challenging and informative discussions on new and complex issues facing dental practitioners.


Seattle Study Club

The Seattle Study Club was founded in 1977 by a Seattle-area dental specialist, Dr. Michael Cohen, and was designed to create a multi-disciplinary team of dental specialists and dentist working together to deliver comprehensive state of the art dentistry. Today, Seattle Study Club is an international education organization with more than 200 clubs in the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Australia. More than 6,000 post-graduate members participate in its continuing education opportunities.

Mt. Baldy Study Club

Several years ago, Dr. David H. Gilbert established his Oral Maxillofacial Surgery practice in Upland, California. Dr. Gilbert was presented with an opportunity to extend the Seattle Study Club philosophy and affiliation and establish a new chapter in Southern California’s Inland Empire. He sought other practitioners in the field of general and specialty dentistry who shared his passion for excellence and the Mt. Baldy Study Group was initiated. The Mt. Baldy Study Club joined more than 7,000 national and international post-graduate members affiliated with the Seattle Club. Today, the Club meets once a month during the traditional academic year for continuing education and pursuing their passion for clinical excellence.

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