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AAAHC Accredited Facility

Dr. Gilbert talks about His Cutting-Edge Practice

We at David H. Gilbert, D.D.S., M.S., M.B.A., Inc., are proud that we are accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC/Accreditation Association). Our distinction is attributed to our comprehensive level of compliance with the accreditation standards.

Our status as an AAAHC accredited organization allows us to provide an extra measure of confidence to you, our patients and our community. We are proud to have met the challenge of accreditation, and intend to consistently uphold the principles of quality improvement and quality care in the future.

This is an important milestone for our health care organization. We have had an unwavering commitment to providing the highest levels of quality care to our patients, and the same high level of conduct in our business practices consistent with our mission: Build a new standard of healthcare excellence by providing the ultimate patient experience. Accreditation by the AAAHC is proof of this commitment and signifies that we have met the rigorous standards of a nationally recognized third party.

Upon notifying us of our accreditation status, Roy Grekin, MD, the Accreditation Association President, commented, “Achieving accreditation demands a high level of dedication and effort. David H. Gilbert, D.D.S., M.S., M.B.A., Inc., is to be commended for this accomplishment.”

We have included some further information on the meaning and significance of accreditation. If we can answer further questions, please contact us at Inland Institute - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Office Phone Number 909-982-8888, e-mail [email protected]

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Questions and Answers About the Accreditation

What is the Accreditation Association?

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, (Accreditation Association/AAAHC), was established in 1979 to advance and promote patient safety, quality of care and measurement of performance. A private nonprofit entity, it has developed a solid reputation as an advocate of high-quality health care over a span of almost 30 years. The Accreditation Association is the largest accrediting organization in the ambulatory health care arena.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary process through which an ambulatory health care organization is able to measure the quality of its services and performance against nationally recognized standards. The accreditation process involves self-assessment by the organization, as well as a thorough review by the Accreditation Association’s expert surveyors, who themselves have extensive experience in the ambulatory environment. It is this self-analysis; peer review and consultation that ultimately helps an organization improve its care and services.

The Certificate of Accreditation is a symbol to others that an organization has committed to providing high-quality care and that it has demonstrated its commitment by measuring up to the Accreditation Association’s high standards. It sends signals of confidence to the community it serves. In addition, accreditation may satisfy certain regulatory requirements for licensure or certification, facilitates third-party reimbursement and insurance premium reduction.

What are the AAAHC standards?

The AAAHC standards, revised and published annually in the AAAHC Accreditation Handbook for Ambulatory Health Care, describe the organizational characteristics that the AAAHC believes to be essential to high-quality patient care. The seven core and 16 adjunct chapters relate to all aspects of ambulatory care. The core standards include the Rights of Patients, Governance, Administration, Quality of Care, Quality Management and Improvement, Clinical Records and Health Information, and Facilities and Environment. In addition, the organization must meet all applicable adjunct standards, depending on the specific services provided.

How does the accreditation process work?

Before accreditation is awarded, an organization participated in a thorough multi-step evaluation process. The basic elements of the process include a self-assessment completed by the organization and an on-site survey conducted by Accreditation Association surveyors, who are physicians, dentists, podiatrists, pharmacists, nurses, and administrators. These volunteer surveyors are experienced professionals that meet stringent recruitment qualifications and are selected in a rigorous application process.
Following the on-site survey, the AAAHC renders the final accreditation decision base on the surveyors’ findings and other information gathered during the survey process. Accreditation may be awarded for a period of time ranging from six months to three years, depending on the level of compliance with the standards. Our facility has achieved a maximum of 3 year accreditation period.

What kind of organizations does the AAAHC accredit?

The Accreditation Association accredits over 3,500 organizations ranging from ambulatory health care clinics and surgery centers to large medical group practices and managed care organizations. Among the sectors of the ambulatory health care field that have sought AAAHC accreditation as a measure of Quality performance are: Ambulatory Health Care Clinics, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Community Health Centers, Dental Group Practices, Endoscopy Centers, Immediate/Urgent Care Centers, Indian Health Centers, Lithotripsy Centers, Managed Care Organizations (HMO, IPA, PPO), Military Health Clinics, Multi-Specialty Group Practices, Occupational Health Centers, Office-Based Surgery Centers, Pain Management Centers, University and College Health Centers.

How can I find out if a health care organization is accredited?

Please visit the Accreditation Association web site at www.aaahc.org where you will find a complete listing of all organizations currently accredited.