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3 Signs You Need a Face and Neck Lift – 2022

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A face and neck lift removes visible aging signs such as wrinkles and sagging skin of the lower face and neck. Though you can’t escape the wheel of time, a neck and facelift can appear to turn back the clock and restore a youthful appearance. But how do you know if a facial rejuvenation treatment is proper for you?

Learn about the three clear indications that you may benefit from a face and neck lift. Find out how the procedures work to augment and enhance your facial aesthetics and remove the visible signs of aging. And see if you are a good candidate for facial rejuvenation therapy.

3 Clear Signs You Need a Neck Lift and Facelift in 2022

Face and neck lift procedures are not always performed together, but signs of aging often coincide. As you age, your face and neck show more wrinkles and sagging skin, which a facelift and neck lift works to correct. Wrinkles and sagging skin show up on the face around the same time they appear on the neck. So, the treatment results often have a more natural and synergistic appearance when you address the face and neck at the same time.

Three of the most common indications that a neck and facelift may be beneficial include:

#1. Sagging Skin Under Your Cheekbones

A prominent sign of aging in the face is when your skin starts to sag below your cheekbones toward the corners of the mouth. Facelifts counteract the effects of gravity by lifting and tightening the skin. Touch your index and middle fingers on your cheekbones and push the skin up and slightly towards your temples. Or you can smile very widely and hold the skin on the cheekbones as you smile. Then relax while holding with your fingers. Now, look in the mirror. If your portrait resembles your youthful features more closely, a facelift may be right for you. 

#2. Sagging Skin Under Your Neck or Chin

Sagging skin beneath the chin and on the neck clearly indicates that you may need a neck lift. A neck lift tightens and lifts the skin up and loose muscles toward the jawline. Try placing your fingers near the back of your jawbone and push the skin upwards towards your ears. If you want to keep your face looking youthful like that all the time, consider a neck lift.

#3. Non-Surgical Treatments Have Been Unsuccessful

Another sign that a face and neck lift may be right for you is if non-surgical cosmetic treatments have failed to restore the appearance you desire. When non-invasive cosmetic facial procedures, such as injectables and skin-tightening therapies, are not enough, the only options left are surgical. Before you pursue rejuvenation surgery, talk to your facial cosmetic surgeon about the benefits of face and neck lift surgery compared to non-invasive treatments. 

What is a facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure to rectify drooping and sagging skin on your lower face. It can correct signs of aging on the skin the cheekbones toward the jawline. The procedure involves surgery to adjust the position of facial muscles and tissue and remove flabby skin.

Although a facelift may be combined with other procedures to address aging of the upper face (browlift, eyelid lift/blepharoplasty, cheek implants) it is a lower face rejuvenation procedure.

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift procedure corrects the cosmetic signs of aging on the neck and below the chin. A neck lift involves removing fatty buildup and sagging skin (the famed “turkey neck”) to produce a younger facial appearance. As you age, your neck becomes flabby, and the skin gets loose. You might need a neck lift if you have a double chin, turkey wattle, or generally sagging skin below the chin and on your neck.

Often times, chin implants are combined with neck lifts to enhance the jawline and give soft tissue support.

Is a facelift and neck lift right for you?

If your expectations of the surgical results or the recovery time are unrealistic, you may not be a good fit for cosmetic facial surgery. Beauty is something to be found within, and your external appearance is a mirror. Schedule a consultation today and see how a facelift and neck lift can revitalize your appearance to reflect the beauty that exists within you.

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