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Improve Your Appearance and Confidence with a Facial Mole Removal

Photo of a woman with a cheek mole

Do you have an unwanted facial mole?

Whether you have a mole that bothers you for cosmetic reasons or one that is raised and catches on clothing, most people want their moles removed, especially if they appear on the face.

It is especially important that you let us know if you have noticed that your mole has changed in color, size, or shape, so we can check it out and eliminate potential cancer.

What is a facial mole?

A facial mole is a cluster of pigment cells that are located on the face. Flat or raised, dark or light, these skin growths that resemble brown or black spots are most often harmless. But it is important to keep an eye on moles that are large, changing, or irregular to ensure they are not a dangerous form of skin cancer called melanoma.

Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, we can easily and painlessly test a tissue sample and remove the entire mole in our office.

We use one of two surgical options—shave excisions and excisional surgery—to remove moles, and we determine the method of removal according to the age of the patient and the location of the mole.

Shave Excision

If you have a raised, light/flesh-colored mole, we usually numb it before shaving it off with a small blade, radiofrequency cautery, or laser and covering it with a bandage. No stitches are needed for shave removals.

Excisional Surgery

We use a scalpel in excisional surgery to remove potentially cancerous moles and the surrounding area of skin, and then we sew the skin back together with sutures. Dr. Gilbert uses a feathering technique as he closes the wound to minimize scarring. On occasion, incisional scarring is treated with fractional lasers to optimize cosmetic outcomes.

Does a mole removal hurt?

Mole removals are typically minor procedures that require an injection to numb the area, and that’s it. Once numb, you will not feel a thing. The slight burn from the injection is the only discomfort you should experience during the mole removal. We recognize not every patient nor clinical situation is similar and as such, we provide sedation where indicated. After all, your experience is most important to us.

How long does a mole removal take?

Mole removals in our office take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the mole and the technique we are using to remove it.

What are the steps in mole removal?

The first thing we do is measure the mole and take images of it during a skin exam. Next, we sterilize the mole and surrounding skin before numbing the area. The method we use to remove the mole depends on the mole itself and the reasons it’s being removed.

What is the recovery for mole removal?

The good news is there is no downtime needed for mole removals. We cover the incision with a bandage, and you are free to return to your daily activities right away. It is important that you take extra care not to bump or irritate the area as it heals, engage in only light exercise, avoid showering the first 48 hours, and keep the incision out of the sun by leaving it covered.

Dr. Gilbert has extensive training, experience, and expertise in all aspects of removing unwanted moles. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation if you have got cosmetic or medical concerns. We know the face is a sensitive area that is often changing in color and texture, so removing unwanted moles that are unattractive or distracting is an excellent way to boost your confidence and help you feel good about your appearance. We are here to help that happen!

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