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Summer Sun Tips

Summer Sun TipsDid you know that sun damage is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles? So while we look forward to summer months, our skin doesn’t. Extra sunshine and hot weather wreak havoc on our skin, so how can you protect it while you enjoy your summer?

Wear Sunscreen
You should be wearing sunscreen every day, rain or shine! Be sure to invest in a UVB/UVA sunscreen and don’t get anything less than SPF 15. Apply it after your morning moisturizer, and don’t skimp—you should apply at least a nickel size amount to your face. When you’re in and out of the water, or heavily perspiring, make sure you reapply often, at least every two hours.

Treat Your Burns
If you’ve found yourself with a sunburn, the damage has been done, but you don’t have to suffer in pain. Take a dose of ibuprofen as soon as you see signs of a burn, it will cut back on swelling and reddening that could cause extra damage.

Hydrate and Nourish Your Skin
If you’re soothing a sunburn, reach for something with Aloe Vera, and vitamin C and E. However, moisturizing is important even if you aren’t burned, any sun exposure can dry out your skin, which actually boosts oil production.

Cool Down with Skin-Boosting Water
We all know it’s important to stay hydrated, but proper hydration is also key for healthy skin. Have a hard time drinking all the water you’re supposed to every day? Add some freshly cut fruit or mint for a yummy infusion! Keep a pitcher of your favorite infusion in the refrigerator for a cooling beverage whenever you need it. Stay away from excess alcohol which can dry out your skin, and when you do indulge, make sure you’re drinking a glass of water for each alcoholic beverage.

Enjoy Fresh Summer Foods
Fresh, healthy food can make you feel and look good from the inside out! Summer fruits like strawberries are packed with vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant); tomatoes are rich in lycopene (protects skin from environmental agents) and beta-carotene (reduces damage caused by UV rays); and spinach is packed with tons of nutrients that can actually protect your skin from UV rays, destroy free radicals, improve your complexion and repair damaged skin. Want a powerhouse meal? Put them all in a big yummy salad!

Even the most careful person can have a hard time staying away from wrinkles caused by sun damage. If you find yourself wishing you could go back in time to put on more sunscreen, give us a call and ask us about options to look younger by fall!

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