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What You Need to Know About Earlobe Repair

Close Up Ear Lobe Image of a Woman
Have you been wanting to get one or both of your earlobes repaired or reduced for quite some time? It’s common to wait years before doing something about elongated, floppy, or stretched out and torn earlobes, but earlobe repair is now on the rise. Today’s methods for repairing damaged earlobes have made this a simple procedure that is both safe and effective.

Do you need earlobe repair surgery?

If you’ve worn heavy earrings for long stretches of time or had gauges placed in your earlobes that have caused them to stretch and sag, you may be an ideal candidate for earlobe repair surgery. Sometimes, when multiple piercings are too close together or too close to the bottom of the lobe or when children pull on earrings or earrings get snagged or caught on clothing, causing earlobe holes to split or elongate, earlobe repair is in order.

What is earlobe repair?

Also referred to as earlobe restoration, earlobe repair surgery is a minor outpatient procedure that we perform in our Upland office under local anesthesia or sedation where indicated.

How do you repair earlobes?

Experienced and skilled, our board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Gilbert, marks the ears for surgical incisions, injects a local anesthetic to numb the earlobe, and then makes incisions to trim stretched tissue and remove the skin around a tear if necessary. Once he’s finished removing extra or unneeded skin, he uses stitches to repair the earlobe.
Occasionally, an anxious patient will benefit from some relaxing sedation when needed.

How long does an earlobe repair take?

The length of the procedure depends on your needs, but most earlobe repairs range from 15-60 minutes.

What’s earlobe repair recovery like?

It is not unusual for our patients to return to work the same day as the procedure.

Can I get my ears pierced after having had earlobe repair surgery?

Yes! We recommend you wait about three months before re-piercing your ears. And we also suggest the new piercing be at least 3mm from the old piercing site.

What is the cost to repair a torn earlobe?

Much like the length of time needed to repair an earlobe, the cost varies, depending on the situation. The complexity of the repair influences the cost, so we encourage you to come in for a pre-op consultation in which we can complete a full evaluation and present you with an accurate estimate of the cost and what you can expect.

Does insurance cover the cost of repairing torn earlobes?

Earlobe repair is typically considered cosmetic and therefore not normally covered by insurance.

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