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Does it seem like your once-full lips have shrunk in size? Our bodies produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, which give our skin and lips plumpness and volume. As we age, the production of these key substances decreases. So, if you’re noticing a reduction in the size of your lips, you’re likely not imagining it. It’s natural for them to lose their definition and vibrancy over time.

Lip lifts are minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that help you regain the appearance of voluptuous and youthful lips. It’s normal for your lips to change shape and gain vertical length as you grow older. We use lip lifts to add volume and aesthetics and allow more “tooth show.”

At the practice of board-certified Dr. Gilbert, we enhance lips with safe and effective treatments, including fillers and surgery. We specialize in lip lifts that restore youth and enhance beauty while reducing perioral lines and wrinkles.

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Subnasal Lip Lift

 lip lift process
 lip lift process

Dr. Gilbert specializes in using subnasal lip lifts to plump up your lips and rejuvenate your appearance.

An expert in cosmetic and reconstructive facial, head, and neck treatments, Dr. Gilbert expertly lifts the top portion of your lip while closing the distance between it and the bottom of your nose.

The Subnasal Lip Lift Procedure Process

lip lift processThe subnasal lift is a routine outpatient procedure, so expect your appointment to last about 30 minutes. To ensure you’re comfortable throughout the treatment, we begin with administering anesthesia. NOTE: If you are pairing your lip lift with other cosmetic procedures, you may require IV sedation or general anesthesia.

lip lift processThe steps we take in a subnasal lip lift are as follows:

  1. For a simple lip lift, we use a local anesthetic to numb the area.
  2. Facial Cosmetic Surgeon David H. Gilbert DDS, MS, MBA, FACS makes tiny incisions from your lip to your nose and around your nose in the natural creases.
  3. Gilbert lifts the lip area by trimming a tiny, curved strip of skin.
  4. He uses dissolvable sutures to seal the wound closed.

Subnasal Lift Recovery & Aftercare

The key to a successful outcome is ensuring you receive enough rest. Plan to take about a week off from work or school. Stitches are visible the first week which can be unsightly and make it difficult to participate in social activities. Due to the location of the treatment, bruising is common. Allow your body to rest and heal before jumping back into your everyday activities.

Feel free to engage in light exercise as soon as you’re comfortable doing so. Movement, such as walking, will aid in circulation and minimize any swelling or discomfort you might be experiencing. Refrain from putting any pressure on your lip or nasal area for a couple of weeks. After the first week of recovery, return to regular activity and strenuous exercise.

Combining a Lip Lift with Other Cosmetic Procedures

 When you come in for a consultation, we’ll discuss your long-term goals and create a comprehensive treatment plan. Facial treatments and cosmetic surgeries that can be paired with a subnasal lip lift include:

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Ready to get started?

If you would like a plumper upper lip, you might be an excellent candidate for a subnasal lip lift. Contact one of our cosmetic specialists and schedule an appointment with Dr. Gilbert today. Once he has completed an evaluation of your oral health, facial anatomy, and cosmetic goals, we can set a date for your lip lift.

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