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Lip Augmentation in Upland, Rancho Cucamonga

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~Phyllis Diller

American Board of Facial Cosmetic SurgeryWe typically think about beautiful white teeth when we think of a smile. Millions of people seek out dentists to augment and improve their smile with amazing and artful cosmetic dentistry, yet a select few seek to frame their masterpiece. Beautiful lips can pleasantly overshadow even crooked teeth in creating a desirable smile.

The lips are a central esthetic zone and focus of the face. Esthetic lips are frames to the most attractive smiles. Youthful lips demonstrate a harmony of definition, symmetry, structure, texture, color, and volume. Society and culture may help define our esthetic expectations while significant variances exist by ethnicity.

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Youthful and esthetic lip appearance

Lip enhancement seeks to augment the specifically deficient component of the esthetic lip. To focus on any one component may invite a dissatisfying result. Too many of us have seen someone with voluminous un-natural and amorphous appearing lips.


Patients seek that youthful “pout” with an attractive definition. Rather than using lipstick or lip liner to “draw in” the lip definition, it should be used to highlight the existing or enhanced elements of the esthetic lips. The senescent lip can be the most challenging, as most mature patients have lost volume, definition, and structure over time.


Today, numerous predictable techniques and biocompatible materials are available to the patient seeking lip enhancement. Some of the most common techniques employ the use of injectable fillers (both temporary and permanent), fat, fascia, collagen, silicone, and permanent implants. The common wisdom is to start conservatively with temporary fillers. You can always add more. Permanent alternatives can then be considered.

While complications can occur with any procedure, the most common challenges may involve some minor swelling and occasional bruising. Almost all procedures for lip augmentation and enhancement are performed as “in-office” or minor outpatient procedures. Minimal downtime and discomfort can be expected especially in the hands of a surgeon that is familiar with local anesthesia and surgery of the face. In fact, most patients resume their normal day-to-day routine immediately after the procedure.

Lip enhancement may be one of the best-kept secrets of Cosmetic Facial Surgery.

Case Study – Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

The Hidden Power of Smiling

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