Missed appointment Policy

‘Late notice or no-show policy’

We look forward to seeing all patients and Dr. Gilbert has reserved this time especially to see and treat you. 

  • In the event you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours’ notice from your appointment time, we will apply our “late notice or no-show policy”. We are sorry you could not make your appointment but in doing so, you also denied another patient in need from seeing us during that time. With such late notice, we cannot facilitate an appointment for someone else at that time. We reserve the time, room, supplies, and staff for your specific appointment. We eagerly look forward to seeing you soon and were understanding of your first late notice/no-show.
  • In the event, this new appointment is also canceled in less than 48 hours or you do not show, we will deduct a $250 “no show/late notice fee” from your pre-paid balance. You will then need to pay that back into your pre-paid balance to secure another appointment.

We value your trust and your time.

It is our hope that we never have to apply our ‘Late notice or no-show policy”.