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“Dear Dr. Gilbert,

Thank you so much for your excellent care! I am so grateful that my dear sister-in-law, Shirley Cercer, sent me to you. I am looking forward to the day when the work on my teeth is completed because I know I will be happy with what you recommended. I am truly grateful to you & overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity. You have been a huge blessing!

P.S. You have an amazing staff. Everyone was so good to me. From beginning to end it was a wonderful experience. Many thanks to them as well…

By the way, the smoothie was absolute perfection right after surgery – Thank you for the special treat!

-Carol Daughters”

David H. Gilbert DDS, MS, MBA, FACS

5 out of 5 stars based on 96 reviews.

Patient Testimonial

Very nice and clean office and very nice and professional staff

- Jody B

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Patient Testimonial

Great experience

- Richard B

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Patient Testimonial

Great experience ever!

- Dominic R

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Patient Testimonial

Great staff

- Felicia B

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Patient Testimonial

State of the art office---impressive. Amazing doctor and team:)

- Kevin B

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Patient Testimonial

Great experience with wisdom teeth removal

- William Y

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Patient Testimonial

Very careing and always makes sure the patient understands what it going all at all times. Coundlt have asked for a better staff that was involved with my procedure!

- Alyssa O

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Patient Testimonial

My 9 year old daughter had to have 6 teeth pulled and she was very nervous. The nurses and doctor were all so comforting and nice to her. Dr. Gilbert explained everything to her and gave her a chance to ask questions or voice her concerns. Everyone was very professional and the whole process was smooth and quick. Thank you.

- Ronda S

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Patient Testimonial

My experience was perfect at your facility. I, like most people, have a little phobia from some previous experiences, and this experience could not have been better. Every step was carefully accomplished with my comfort in mind. One senses the expertise of all caregivers as they went about their tasks. I am very appreciative and relieved to have used Dr. Gilbert and his office for my tooth extraction, bone graft, and implant.

- Constance S

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Patient Testimonial

Thank you for making my dental experience much easier than anticipated. The entire staff could not have been kinder, more caring, or more efficient. Your facility is lovely.

- Constance S

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Patient Testimonial

Professional, well educated associates, with a passion to do what is right for the patient. We have never had an unexpected outcome. Always appreciate the entire experience, especially the parts I am asleep.

- Roy C

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Patient Testimonial

At first I was a little intimidated to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out but now that they are out I'm happy and feel much better!

- Thomas C

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Patient Testimonial

Helpful, knowledgeable, caring staff through the whole process. This was our second procedure with Dr. Gilbert & we will definitely come back if ever needed. Just one note though...an estimate of cost for the procedure is not given in advance. It's given the day of the scheduled procedure once the doctor has spoken with you, all in the same visit.

- Andrea K

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Patient Testimonial

Every one was great. Love the Doctor.

- Josephine G

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Patient Testimonial

I love love this office.

- Isaac Aguilar

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Patient Testimonial

Every part of the procedure was well explained.

- Shannon D

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Patient Testimonial

i felt really comfortable and at ease going into my surgery, everyone was really friendly and got me a blanket cause i was cold. Thank you for giving me a memorable experience ! you guys are all awesome !

- Rachel H

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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gilbert professionalism and kindness makes you feel very comfortable before and after a procedure. His staff members receive you with a smile and clarify any questions you may have.

- Judith C

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Patient Testimonial

Upon arrival I was really anxious to get my wisdom teeth out. All the staff was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable. The place was so beautiful and high class. I felt well taken care of and would recommend anyone who is on the fence to go!

- Natalie S

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Patient Testimonial

Wonderful office. Dr Gilbert and his staff are great! Very smooth, comfortable experience. Highly recommend.

- Allyson V

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Patient Testimonial

Great experience! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

- Jazmine C

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Patient Testimonial

Informative, personable, and profession

- James Z

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Patient Testimonial

staff was extremely professional and informative. they answered all the questions that we asked courteously and professionally.

- andrew h

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Patient Testimonial

My daughter was very nervous but Dr. Gilbert and his assistant George helped her to be calm and letting her know that everything will be fine during and after surgery. Thank you for comforting her and easing her nervousness. God Bless you all.

- Silvia M

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Patient Testimonial

Great experience from start to finish. I had to reschedule two times because of personal conflicts and they did this without a problem. I was able to get a rough estimate before I went in, and then a more accurate estimate after my consultation (which they do the same day, before your surgery). I was well taken care of by Dr. Gilbert and all of his staff.

- Chad S

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Patient Testimonial

I'm so happy that my Dentist recommended Dr. Gilbert. Not only is he wonderful and kind, but his work ethic shows through his amazing staff as well. Thank you Dr. Gilbert and staff for truly caring about my son and his well being 🙂

- Allison V

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Patient Testimonial

As a child had to have oral surgery for braces and nervous at that time and Dr Gilbert and staff put us at ease with the whole procedure at that time. Years later when it came time for wisdom teeth extractions hands down we were coming back to Dr Gilbert. They were very kind caring and there for questions concerns and after care. It was a much easier ordeal than we anticipated. Thank you!!

- Derek F

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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gilbert and his staff made an unpleasant event (tooth extraction and prep for implant) very comfortable. Following my initial consult I felt very confident in choosing Dr. Gilbert to perform my surgery. Then my actual experience on the day of extraction could not have been better. I have already recommended Dr. Gilbert to friends and do so with high praise and no hesitation.

- Deborah K

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Patient Testimonial

The quality is evident from start to finish and especially with Doctor Gilbert's professionalism and personal touch. It is an uplifting experience, one that I would recommend to familly members and friends.

- Sheri B

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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gilbert and his entire staff are extremely caring and patient.

- Steve G

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Patient Testimonial

Fantastic staff and very thorough explanation of procedure and aftercare. Doctor Gilbert has an excellent bedside manner with his patients and we would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking expert dental care.

- Gina L

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Patient Testimonial

The staff and Dr. Gilbert made both my visits extremely comfortable. I had no problems scheduling my appointments and they made sure to answer all my questions and concerns before i had my procedures done. It was a great experience at the office.

- Brittany P

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Patient Testimonial

The overall experience of the office and staff was friendly and welcoming. Dr. Gilbert was very helpful in assuring me everything would be just fine and not to worry I would recommend Dr. Gilbert to my friends and family.

- Rocco A

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Patient Testimonial

I would recommend Dr. Gilbert any day! Dr. Gilbert and his staff are friendly. We have been to Dr. Gilbert three times for my son. My son is always super nervous and cries. Dr. Gilbert and his staff have always made him feel safe and comfortable. I will continue to use Dr. Gilbert for our oral surgery needs and highly recommend him.

- Carol S

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Patient Testimonial

My experience with Dr. Gilbert's office was an excellent one. I was not too thrilled about getting my wisdom teeth extracted, as I had made it many years without any problems to them. They were fully erupted and not impacted. Dr. Gilbert's office was a very serene place. The paperwork was simple and quick. I felt extremely relaxed once I was taken to a room. The woman who helped me get ready for the process was very nice and answered my many questions. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable. The doctor was also very kind and I could tell he was going to do his best to make it quick and use the proper anesthetic while only giving me as much as I needed. I was given "twilight sleep" I remember a small amount of pressure on one side. It was very mild discomfort, but that is really all I remember of the process. It took 20 minutes for the actual extractions. I had a great experience and I would recommend this office and Dr. Gilbert to anyone who needs any type of procedure he offers. Everyone was gentle and kind.

- Mark V

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Patient Testimonial

I really enjoyed my experience and was very impressed by the kindness and professionalism of the staff.

- Alexandra C

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Patient Testimonial

Thank you so much, you are amazing! Everything was very comfortable and I feel like I didn't even have any anesthesia today! Crazy! I feel normal, a tiny bit sore, no big deal really. You are a truly great and talented surgeon. You made this experience extremely easy. The flipper isn't too bad. It looks really good, fits nice and I did well eating with it. Yes, it's better than my real tooth!! My surgery was easier than I expected. Awesome! It's always good to see you and I'm so fortunate to know you:) You are a blessing! Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!

- Jennell V

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Patient Testimonial

Fabulous overall experience for the not so fabulous "having to lose a major tooth and do an implant". The doctor and the entire staff are quite honestly some of the best professional people I have come across. Truly a nice group with great attitudes and highly responsible making sure there is no pain. Made my visit as pleasant as it could possibly be. I will recommend this office to all who need to know.....and even some who do not, but might in the future!! Thanks Dr. Gilbert and your GREAT staff!!!!!

- Cynthia W

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Patient Testimonial

I am generally fearful of dentists because of my past experiences, but I would definitely recommend Dr. Gilbert. He and his staff are wonderful. I recently had a procedure and I noticed that they focus on the patients and making them have a pleasant experience which is what I was seeking when I came here. Everything went well and better than I expected. Thank you Dr. Gilbert and to all your staff!

- Monica Youngblood

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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gilbert and his staff are wonderful.

- Stacie C

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Patient Testimonial

I've been a patient for both wisdom teeth removal and dental implant procedures and I'd highly recommend Dr. Gilbert and his team. Each and every visit, I'm impressed by the service and care they provide.

- Matthew A

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Patient Testimonial

it was good

- ronald j

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gilbert and staff went above and beyond my expectations. They genuinely care and made my treatments as pain free as possible and talked me through the process and what to do afterwards. Then took the time to answer all my questions.


5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial

The total experience was outstanding for me. I have many fears and anxieties related to dental work and I felt totally at ease during the implant procedure. Dr. Gilbert and all of his assistants, including Mari, were terrific and very professional. They seemed genuinely interested in making me feel at ease and comfortable. They all made me feel at ease from the beginning to end of the procedure. I was sent to Dr. Gilbert's practice from my primary dentist Dr. Mateja. I would most definitely recommend this office/practice/dentist to my family and friends.

- Andrea G

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial


- Jessica

5 out of 5 stars on

Patient Testimonial

Had a lovely time at OMF Surgery! The doctors were all so nice and helpful!

- Noelle H.

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Thank you card from Jenny Ramires to dr. gilbertDecember 2013
“Dear Dr. Gilbert
…straight from my heart.
There are no words to express my gratitude for all you’ve done.
I’m better… because you’re the best!
I mustn’t forget about your staff, phenomenal!
treatment always!
Sincerely, Jenny Ramires”

Thank you card from scott and pamela to dr. gilbert“Dear Dr. Gilbert,
Thank you for giving my daughter her smile back! She transformation has been unbelievable. I have missed her smile so much and you gave that back to us. I am so appreciative for all that you have done and for the level of care you and your staff provided to her during her surgery and hospital stay. Thank you again, so much!
Most sincerely,”Scott and Pamela B.

Thank you card from maddy to dr. gilbert

“Dr. Gilbert,
I wanted to say thank you so much for all that you and your staff has done for me. I am so very happy with the results and cannot wait to see what happens in the next few months. rowing up, I never had the confidence in the way I spoke or smiled and I cannot thank you enough for giving that back to me. I am so excited for what will come in the future now. Thank you so much for the care you have given through this whole process. I will forever be thankful for all you have given me.
With happy smiles”


“The fountain of youth, happiness, endless and unsurpassed charity and love for all. I cannot thank your team and of course yourself for your tender care and making my procedure as transparent as possible. I had no doubt I was in the best place”

Margaret R.


“I was very impressed with Dr. Gilbert’s medical knowledge, his professionalism and the fact that he listened to me, the patient and took my concerns into consideration. Thank you”

Leo B.

The staff was wonderful and very caring. We loved Dr. Gilbert”

Thank you,

Kelsey and Debbie D.


“i just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me, and for the rest of the team! i have no swelling (perhaps cuz i slept in my recliner, sadly the frozen peas are just too bothersome), i imagine more-so because you all…i believe the mission statement says something about making it the best experience. well, it has been, so thank you. thank goodness. 🙂 and i’m finding i don’t really need the vicodin hardly at all. the ibuprofen has been fine. the hardest part really has only been the lovely stinging sensation after the medicated rinse, but at least that means it’s working! tell Dr. Gilbert he gave me the only completely painless IV insert i’ve ever had! i swear i didn’t even feel it! but thanks again for being so pleasant & kind”.


“Dr. Gilbert and his staff have been wonderful to me before, during, and after my big dental implant surgery. My implant case is more complicated than normal, and I was very nervous about facing the surgery. I have done my research regarding my case on the internet, but Dr. Gilbert has helped me to clarify my concerns and answered my endless questions patiently though out the waiting period. When the big surgery day came, I knew Dr. Gilbert would take good care of me! I have also recovered sooner than I expected. It has been a year after my implant surgery, and the result was beautiful. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Gilbert and his staff again for doing an excellent job. The only way I can thank Dr. Gilbert and his staff is by referring my friends to visit Dr. Gilbert when they need someone they can trust and feel comfortable to deal with their health issues”

Yipping Y.

“Dr. Gilbert is my favorite Doctor by far. Throughout the years I have sat in numerous doctor chairs. Each time I dread the day that I have to go into the doctors office because I am nervous, scared and worried what news the dentist will tell me. However, I look forward to the day that I go to visit Dr. Gilbert. He is empathetic, explains procedures thoroughly, and takes the time to listen to my concerns.

Dr.Gilbert has changed my life immensely. He has brought happiness to me with the wonderful work he has done. I was never afraid. I trust Dr.Gilbert’s work 100%, he is fantastic. Dr. Gilbert treats his patients with care. He makes you feel as if you are his only patient. He made me feel comfortable and important to his practice. There is also another reason why I love to going to visit Dr.Gilbert. He is a very handsome man, and with a face and personality like his, it is never a dread to go for a dental visit. It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Gilbert and his caring staff and team. They put a big and beautiful smile on my face each time”.

Thank You Dr.Gilbert!

Louise T.

“I am very impressed with Dr. Gilbert and his staff. Everyone has been extremely professional supportive, kind and caring. I’m thankful to be taken care of by such an excellent team”.

Karen A.


“I was very impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff. Thank you for the excellent care you provided”.

Rosana D.

“Dr. Baker’s office sent us over and you were able to fit us in right away. The tooth extraction and recovery went very well for Erin. Thank you very much. We will be back to see you”.

Connie C.

“First experience was a great one my questions were answered clearly. Thank you for everything”.

Anthony Mendez

“This experience far exceeds her first experience with the prior doctor. Your staff was awesome. You never left her side, made her feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you Thank you”.

Yasmina C.


“Thank you so much for your excellent service and personal consideration. May god continue to bless you and your staff”.

Haldyne S.

“I felt everyone was very caring and professional. I could not go anywhere else for these difficult procedures”.

Mary B.

“The doctor was kind, all the nurses, anesthesiologist and the lady who gave discharge instructions were extremely caring. Excellent experience and hats off to a five star service”.

Jyoti T.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was treated very well. I expect any additional treatment would be handled the same. I like the smoothie”.

Robert W.


“I had such a good experience; I’m back doing it all over again. I have complete trust and faith in Dr. Gilbert and his staff”

Kathy S.

“I was very impressed with all the staff and Dr. Gilbert. Thank you all very much”

James G.

“I want to thank Zelina for being extremely personable and comforting. Zelina and the anesthesiologist helped make me feel less anxious about the procedure. Dr. Gilbert did a great job. I have no discomfort after the biopsy. Thank you”

Nicole C.

“Thank you for taking such great care of our daughter”

Ashley T.

“The doctor and his staff were excellent about keeping me informed and making me feel at ease”

Elizabeth S.

“I very much appreciated the attention I received bay all of the staff. Very calm environment. The smoothie was a great finish touch. Thank you all”

Graig B.


“The staff was very personable and professional. I had a wonderful experience. Thank you for putting me at ease. The staff is very confident in what they do and that is very apparent. God Bless you”.

Angela B.

“I actually enjoyed the experience y’all are fantastic”

Cary I.

“I was referred by Dr. Hutton and Dr. Hale’s office and will relate to them the comfort and care I received from Dr. Gilberts office. My personal needs were addressed in a positive manner. Dr. Gilbert was supportive, professional and very caring and the staff was very courteous. I felt it was a positive experience”

Georgia M.

“Thank you for a job well done”

Ian M.


“I had a fractured tooth. I was worked into the schedule great attentive care. Great follow up care. Very personable staff from admitting on ward”

Michael A.

“Everyone was very helpful and very kind! We have been very impressed with the care and service received. Thank you”

K. S.

“What a wonderful experience we had. Your office is first class. Attention to detail was fantastic. Kudos to the staff and Dr. Gilbert. He’s a true professional. Thank you. I’ll refer anyone I can”

Sarah V.

“Friendly staff, great customer service”

Brandon R.


“I want to thank everyone at Dr. Gilbert’s office you were all so kind and gentle. I appreciate all the extra care that was given to me”

Annetta V.

“The staff and doctor provided excellent care from beginning to end”

Patricia E.

“Dr. Gilbert is very impressive would definitely recommend him to others. Ashley was great! Great experience overall. Very grateful my procedure could be done so quickly”

Wendy H.

“Everything was a wonderful experience if you have to have a tooth extracted. Staff was exceptional great job”

Mary E.


“Personal attention very much appreciated”

Marge H.

“Thank you for the excellent care Mollie received when she had her wisdom teeth removed”

Jennifer N.

“Everyone was very kind and straight forward. It was very reassuring”

Samantha J.

“Dr. Gilbert talked with me about the procedure and anesthesia. The care and professionalism of the staff was great. The staff called the next day to see how I was. The results of the surgery was excellent , pain was minimal, not much welling. Everything was great”

Julie M.


“Your staff was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you”

Kady M.

“Everyone was professional and caring”

Liliana I.

“Thank you for making this experience as pleasant as possible”

Carrie V.

“Procedure was much better than my expectations. Appreciated having all options presented will return if I need further work”

Irv V.


“Thank you for all the great professionalism and care. It was a very comfortable experience”

Mario O.

“Very Impressed”

Robert E.

“Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable before the surgery and after”

Brooke V.

“Thank you for all of the efficient care and professional manner in which you took care of me as a new patient. Dr. Gilbert is excellent he communicated very well with his patients. His staff or assistants also did very well. Nice to meet all of you. Thank you for the smoothie it was delicious”

Kathleen H.


“I loved everything from the consultation to the end. Everyone made me feel important and special. Thank you for a great experience”

Teresa M.

“From start to finish my experience was excellent, exceeding my expectations. The anesthesia and extraction was done with such expertise and precision. All the staff was friendly, warm, professional, and proficient at their jobs. This was the best oral surgery experience I could ever have. I would do it again in a heartbeat”

Holly M.

“I was very nervous about my impeding procedure when I entered your office. However from the personnel in the front office to all the staff and doctors I was made to feel that I was in safe and competent hands. Everyone was so friendly and caring. Thank you for everything you did for me”

Patricia H.

“I cannot thank the office and Dr. Gilbert enough for their care for not only Madison but my husband and I. You understood our concern and you were willing to work with us. Thank you so much for your care”

Madison S.


“Excellent care thank you all”

Brandon J.

“Everyone was absolutely wonderful, Thank you so much”

Rebecca S.

“It was painless and Dr. Gilbert and staff were great”


“Thank you for everything and introducing your staff and service. Your staff was friendly”

Sylvia L.

“The staff was wonderful and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much the service was great”

Deidra U.

“Thank you so much for your care. Everyone was so patient and nice and made me comfortable. Thank you”

Faith P.


“Staff was attentive and skillful”

Mark P.

“The staff was wonderful and very caring. We loved Dr. Gilbert”

Thank you,

Kelsey and Debbie D.

“A very caring and concerned staff”

Sadie E.

“The smoothie was a nice surprise. The ability to buy the prescription was convenient and fairly priced. Thank you for a good experience. All of the staff was very friendly and kind”

Laura H.


“Thank you for what I describe as “EXCELLENT SERVICE” From my initial contact with your office I was treated with the most courteous and professional manner. In the office and through the end this continued. The procedure (tho I was asleep) was perfect. Painless is perfection. The staff was great. Betty Jo was quite instrumental in relieving my anxiety. I also found Dr. Gilbert to be very or better extremely confident and knowledgeable and personable. Thank you all”

Deboah C.

“Every staff member, Dr everyone were so nice so caring to my daughter. She and I both felt such a sense of caring from everyone. Thank you. You saved me from doing the two things I dread: Trip to the pharmacy and trip for the smoothie. I was able to get straight home. It was great without those two trips”

Elizabeth K.

“The entire staff was very friendly and helpful and took their time with us. Dr. Gilbert has a great personality and made Krista feel comfortable and relaxed”

Krista B.

“Dr. Gilbert and the staff were excellent. It made me feel so good to see Dr. Gilbert and the staff perform the time out. Great job I’m so glad I didn’t listen to everyone’s horror stories. Wonderful discharge instructions. Thank you again”

Marion C.

“Keep doing what you are doing. Very competent staff friendly, helpful etc. Great job its our first time here and we will return.”

Brent B.

“Hannah’s recovery was quick and pain free. I’m very impressed by the staff. The attentiveness of everyone involved. Thank you”

Pam D.


“Doctor and staff were all great. Handled the earthquake great made sure everyone was comfortable”

Ashley & Caryn B.

“Dr. Gilbert, Thank you so much for giving me a successful surgery. Your professionalism and friendliness was comforting and much appreciated. May God Bless you and your practice for all you have done for me”

Andrei P.

“Dear Doctor and Staff I just wanted to say thank you for your time, generosity, kindness extended to Omar during dental emergency”

Terry D.

“Dr. Gilbert and Staff, Thank you for the wonderful care you have provided to our son Ethan. His accident was a terrible experience for us, but we could not have asked for a better care. Ethan is healing well and is a healthy 10month old thanks to everything you did for words cannot express our thanks”

Andrea & Chris D.


“Your care and concern are really appreciated. Your professional integrity in referring me to Dr. Newman at Cedar Sinai is exceptional. Your office staff is also above standards”

Cathy A.

“Dr. Gilbert and Staff, We want to thank you and your outstanding staff for your professional help in the care of our son. Your smiles and kindness made everything go so smooth. Please express our deepest gratitude”

“Dr. Gilbert, Thank you very much for your care. You’re the best”

Melissa V.

“Thank you for your fine care Dr. Gilbert. It is much appreciated, especially with such precious cargo”.


“Dr. Gilbert, Thank you very much for your professional manner, kindness, and expertise in the removal of my wisdom teeth. You did a great job”

Krystle L.

“Dear Dr. Gilbert, I came in to have an aching tooth pulled and you urged me to have it checked by an endodontist. I had a successful and relatively easy root canal procedure and I’m so happy. I am impressed that you were so careful to inform me on this option. I truly didn’t realize what losing the tooth would entail for the future. I appreciate so much your advice and better yet I appreciate the particular little tooth that is still with me. Thanks to you taking the time and care to explain my options to me”

“Loved the office staff; very friendly and efficient. Thank you.”

Corey G.

“I cannot think of anything that would need improvement, I’m very thankful I was able to come to this office for this procedure. Thank you.”

Janan A.