CBCT and Facial Imaging

As a leading contemporary surgical practice, we utilize technology to improve our patient assessment, surgical planning and outcomes. The ability to accurately assess a patient’s anatomy in 3 dimensions affords critical evaluation and precise surgical planning. Less invasive precise surgery is a result of skilled application of this advanced imaging technology. This can then be experienced as more comfortable and shorter patient recoveries.

Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art, full-craniofacial cone-beam CT (computed tomography) technology that provides highly accurate 3-D radiographic images for the diagnosis, planning and treatment of oral and maxillofacial surgery. This technology can be coupled with 3 dimensional clinical photography and accurate predictive morphing for the precise diagnosis, planning and treatment of orthodontics, facial deformities, dental and facial implant surgery, TMJ analysis and treatment, airway assessment,  orthognathic surgery , cosmetic facial surgery, tumor and pathology surgery and other medical and dental procedures.

Undistorted, anatomically correct views of the jaws, teeth and facial bones along with cross-sectional, axial, coronal, sagittal, cephalometric and panoramic views are easily generated. Three-dimensional images enable a level of anatomical accuracy and patient care not possible with 2-D technologies.

Our practice routinely integrates 3 dimensional imaging for computer aided design (CAD) and guided surgery as well as navigational (real time) surgery.