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Information about All on 4 Dental Implants: FAQs

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How are All-on-4® treatment concept Dental Implants different from dentures?

As opposed to dentures, All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants are a permanent set of teeth that look and feel natural, which means your teeth:

  • Are permanent teeth that are brushed and cleaned like natural teeth
  • Do not have to be taken out and cleaned each night
  • Do not need messy, sticky adhesives
  • Do not press down on your gums, and are very comfortable
  • Allow for you to properly taste and experience the hot/cold of your food
  • Do not cause you to gag
  • Allow you to bite with increased force, allowing you to eat all of your favorite foods
  • Prevent bone deterioration

How do All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants compare to traditional implants?

The All-on-4® treatment concept utilizes only 4 implants, whereas traditional implants utilize anywhere from 5 to 8 implants in one arch. Because the posterior implants of the All-on-4® treatment concept are placed at an angle, it allows for increased support by using the natural support of your bone.

Also, traditional implants often require bone grafting, a process that can take 6 months or more. The All-on-4® treatment concept protocol requires no bone grafting for most patients, with a success rate that is equal to or better than traditional implants.

All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants save you from unnecessary surgery and discomfort, as well as time and money.

What is the success rate with All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants?

Published studies show a 98.2% success rate using All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants on the lower arch, and a 97 – 98% success rate using them on the upper arch.

Who is the ideal candidate for All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants?

The ideal candidate for the All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants procedure is someone who is currently wearing dentures or will need dentures in the future and is in good health with little bone deterioration.

If you or Dr. Gilbert is concerned about any health issues, he will contact your physician/s to discuss your medical condition and determine if this procedure is right for you. Dr. Gilbert will obtain medical information and clearance from your doctor, if your doctor feels that it is acceptable to proceed with the procedure. It is rare for a medical condition to interfere with your ability to have this procedure.

Dr. Gilbert sees and treats the most complex of cases, many of which were unable to receive treatment elsewhere. We will personally evaluate your case to provide you with the best possible results.

If you are not a good candidate for All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants because of health concerns or severe bone loss, don’t be dismayed; There are alternative procedures to meet your needs.

Will my results look natural?

As a facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Gilbert takes your facial features, skin tone, age, and personality into consideration when creating your new permanent set of teeth to ensure that they are congruent with your features. It is important that they are the right size, shape, color, and proportion. Dr. Gilbert uses the latest concepts in smile design to create a new smile.

Prior to the fabrication of your final set of new teeth, our restorative dentist makes sure that you are pleased with the size, shape, color, proportion, and comfort of your new teeth. Many patients comment that their new teeth are more beautiful than their permanent teeth ever were. You can be confident in your new smile.

From beginning to end, what should I expect with my All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants procedure?

Each patient is different, and therefore, can expect different timelines, but a general guideline for the All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants procedure is:

  • 1-2 visits for an initial consultation and to prepare x-rays and impressions
  • 1 visit to place the implants and new teeth and extract any teeth (if necessary)
  • Come back for post-op visits as required usually 2
  • 1 visit four months after placing implants for new impressions for the permanent set of teeth
  • 1 visit six months after placing implants to place a permanent set of teeth

Why don’t I get my permanent set of teeth the day my implants are placed?

As with any surgery, you need time to heal. So, once the implants are placed, you are given a temporary set of teeth or long-term provisional prosthesis made of acrylic resin, which places less stress on your gums and implants. With this set of teeth, you take it easy. You can eat semi-solid foods, but we ask you to only eat foods that can easily be cut with a fork or that you do not have to tear with your front teeth (like apples).

Once your gums have healed and the implants have stabilized, our restorative dentist will place your permanent set of teeth, which will be made of acrylic or porcelain and will have a titanium frame that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite foods.

What if I just need implants on my bottom arch? What do I need to do to have All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants on both arches?

It is perfectly fine to have All-on-4® treatment concept dental implants on only the lower or upper arch. However, if you feel you might need dentures on both eventually, it is typically best to perform the procedure at the same time to achieve better results and save you time and money. But in certain cases, we can schedule separate procedures to meet your financial and health needs.

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